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Monday, December 10, 2007

I have to tell you this story...

It's a story told to me today during a coaching call with my coaching client, my homeopath and my friend Didi Pershouse (and yes she gave me permission to use her name -- she said "As long as you include a link to my website").

Didi told me this story about her Mom as we were talking about her website and content an I was encouraging her to blog (like I am right now).  Didi expressed some hesitation about sharing certain ideas because she is concerned someone else might scoop them up and write a book, launch a concept -- whatever.  (Didi is writing a book about homepathy, BTW).  I can totally related to Didi's dilemma.  When I first started my work as a business coach / life coach I had some ideas and was quite protective over them.  Maybe its a Vermont thing -- but I doubt it.   I was not going to have someone steal an idea from this Vermont business coach and use it in their practice in New York or Idaho or wherever!  My coach, Michael Raymond, gave me some sage advise back then -- "Give it away.  There is no idea that is that original -- and if other people use it - its a tribute to you."

I eventually got over my Gollum-like obsession and heeded Michael's advice.  I am glad I did.

Telling Didi this story -- I am not an advice-giver as a business coach  / life coach -- so I often share stories -- like parables -- anyway -- telling Didi this story prompted a story from her about her Mom:

"My Mom makes these incredible decorated eggs -- they are amazing -- they could be in an art gallery.  But she is afraid that if somebody else saw them they would steal her idea.  So she keeps them on a shelf in her kitchen."

I suspect that we are not alone (Didi's Mom, Didi and myself).  Many people are afraid to start some business project because it needs to be all wrapped up and ready-to-go, or finished, or copyrighted or whatever.  So they don't start.  Ever.  (Unless they come to this Vermont business coach).

I did a Google search for "decorated eggs" and selected "I'm feeling lucky."  This took me to where I was not amazed to find... you guessed it... photos of decorated eggs.  Eggs like this:

There is a lesson here.  Not just for businesses -- but for everyone -- a lesson of particular importance this time of year -- a time of year when the is such a focus on get-get-get and more-more-more.  That lesson, if you haven't guessed it already, is give-give-give.

Share the wealth.

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Gail said...

Your post was timely. I was sitting in my office feeling annoyed about someone taking one of my idea's and running with it. This person then came back to say they were having trouble fleshing it out. Could I help? What? OH come on.....
Then your post came through and I was reading it. "Give it away", you were saying. "Okay" I thought it is actually easier to give it away then be angry all afternoon. So I helped this person figure out how to use my idea and it didn't feel too bad. PLUS, I figure I have more ideas. Lots of them.
Thanks for this morning. Your a great coach. You seem to know when to push and when to let me slide off. I am grateful I found you. I think good things are going to happen for me even though it isn't Easter!