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Friday, October 31, 2008

Each year in November I offer a seminar focused on coping & stress.  My thinking is that the holidaze bring much stress.  This year however, its not just the holiday pressure that is creating more stress: the financial crisis, rising costs of gas, food, healthcare -- we all know that stress is already high.  

Each year around this same time, the American Psychological Association releases their national Stress in America survey.  Its a great resource for people in the helping professions -- loaded with information. The American Psychological Association’s  2008 national Stress in America survey reveals what Americans are stressed about, what they are doing to manage that stress, and how stress is affecting their health.   The APA's 16 page summary report has the following key findings:

  • Stress is on the Rise and Women Bear the Brunt

  • Americans Report that Stress Impacts their Physical and Psychological Health

  • Economic Factors Driving Americans’ Stress in 2008; Work and Money Continue to Top the List

  • Stress Affects How Americans Cope

Read the reports to learn what is stressing Americans nationwide and in select cities by following this link.

Learn about the Seminar on November 21 2008 specifically focused on coping and stress by following this link.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nftp logo

Yesterday, I successfully completed the examination process with the National Federation of Personal Trainers and am now Certified as a Personal Trainer!

This certification will allow me to better serve my business coaching, life coaching and relationship coaching clients by integrating healthy lifestyle recommendations into the coaching process. 

Most people readily acknowledge the intertwining of our business, personal and relationship lives.  When things are going well in one area, this flows into other areas.

(Of course, the reverse is also true:  when things are going poorly in one area, this flows into other areas.)

Certification as a Personal Trainer allows me to take this one step further -- expanding my focus to how we treat our body.  Now I can move beyond encouraging my coaching clients to join a gym -- now I can help them to design a fitness program -- advising them on what to do at the gym -- incorporating fitness goals into our coaching collaboration.

Did you know that regular exercise helps not only to combat chronic disease and improve heart and lung capacity but it also enhances sleep, improves your mood and gives you more energy.  That's from the according to the Mayo Clinic  - they should know.

What coaching client wouldn’t want that?

So if you know of anyone who would like to tap into this added service -- people who want more balance, direction and fulfillment in their life, career and relationships -- tell them to give me a call at 802-380-1026.

©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coach Scott poses two important questions for business owners:
“Which have you invested more in: preventative auto maintenance or preventative business maintenance?”
“Which is worth more – your auto or your business?”

If you are like most business owners you probably engage whole-heartedly in the tasks of your business (like driving your car), but preventative business maintenance (like updating your business plan and updating your marketing plan) are not something you regularly engage in.

Business failure statistics are sobering. You need more than just a creative idea, product or service to make it…

Is it time you took your business in for a tune-up?

Download File

©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

Monday, April 14, 2008

I want to let you know about a great text to help you get your bearings and get going!®  "The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles into Everyday Greatness", by Erik Weihenmayer and Paul Stoltz, provides numerous stories about overcoming adversity and a framework not to rid ourselves of adversity but to celebrate it and leverage it as a tool to propel us forward in success.

Eric Weihenmayer, the first and only blind man to climb the 7 summits -- the tallest peak on each continent -- is beyond inspiring -- and his stories give one pause for deep reflection.  Paul Stoltz the takes it one step further -- giving us a model -- a recipe -- for turning each of our adversities into our inspiration.

I love this book.  So much that I am using it for the new text starting May 20 2008 in the business coaching group I do with business professionals in the Upper Valley who want more more out of their career than just a job. (Actually the group is not just for business professionals but anyone who wants more out of life!)

Why just read a book when you can take and sustain action?

The group, a collaboration with Borders Books, meets each Tuesday at 10:00 am in West Lebanon, NH. The weekly meetings merge the traditional book group with business coaching to accelerate the application of what you read.  Plus we work through each book slowly – one text about every three months – so coach clients can easily keep up with the reading. Borders provides the meeting space plus they give members of the group 20% off the text.

Of course, you can also get this book from Amazon -- I got the mp3 version to listen to (read by Eric):

Get more information about the coaching group at

Keep swimming!

©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coach Scott Graham explores the the single-most powerful explanation of why people struggle with everything from weight loss to smoking cessation: the short-term / long-term dynamic. Millions of people struggle with this dynamic. It zaps people's motivation and perseverance. It undermines people's goal focus. It keeps people stuck! True Azimuth's 2-to-the-power-of-8 Grid will help you increase your focus, motivation and persistence, break that habit and reach your goals. Get your bearings and get going!

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©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"We only hear half of what is said to us, understand only half of that, believe only half of that and remember only half of that."
                                                                           -- Mignon McLaughlin

This is a great quote.  One of my favorites. It holds much wisdom for us all -- regardless of what we do for work. 

I won't dilute McLaughlin's wisdom with my own blathering.  Think about this throughout your day and at then end, post to the comments here and let me know if she rings true or not.

PS - learn about your listening skills at my seminar on Friday March 28 2008.  Click here for more info.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Coach Scott Graham asks you to identify, prioritize and live a purposeful life of clear, focused values. Values clarification is a key component of True Azimuth, LLC's coaching process. Get your bearings and get going!

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©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A day-long business seminar, "Positive Listening" will be held on Friday March 28 2008 at the Community College of Vermont's Upper Valley Campus in Wilder, Vermont.  The seminar, built around an online listening assessment, is conducted by True Azimuth, LLC in cooperation with the Business and Entrepreneur Network.

"It is estimated that people screen out or misunderstand the intended meaning or purpose of a message in over 70 percent of communications, making listening the biggest contributing factor to miscommunication,"  says business and personal coach Scott Graham.  "Listening is more than hearing. It is the ability to receive, attend to, interpret, and respond to verbal messages and other cues, like body language, in ways that are appropriate to the purpose." 

The investment of $91 includes all training materials, the pre-course Listening Profile, a 16-page report with individualized recommendations, and a continental breakfast.  Business and Entrepreneur Network members and Chamber of Commerce members receive a discount.

For more information, call Coach Scott Graham a 802-380-1026.  Register online at   True Azimuth, LLC has been providing business and personal coaching since March 2006.  They are located on the web at  The Business and Entrepreneur Network is a membership organization helping professionals to "work on -- not just in - your business."  They are located on the web at

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Coach Scott Graham talks about the impact of Toastmasters -- not just on his public speaking skills, but on his leadership ability, career and personal life.

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©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coach Scott Graham interviews author and business coach Ben Phipps. Ben shares strategies for building your best business -- which incidentally also contains wisdom for building your best life!

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©2008 True Azimuth, LLC
Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching