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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A coaching client emailed me today about a difficult situation she is engulfed in with her business.  She believes the situation will resolve over the next month but its quite volatile now.  She wrote  "If [the issue] can be controlled until it [is resolved], and if I can tolerate it until then, all is well." Why do we tolerate things in our life?  Why do we put up with things?

I will tell you why.  Fear. 

  • The known quantity we have is better than the unknown quantity we might end up with so we tolerate.  We fear change.

  • Are ability to put up with what we have it greater than our perceived ability to change it.  We fear failure.

So we tolerate.  And tolerations create subtle ripples of stress in our life.  Until something big happens and sparks a change.

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