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Friday, October 15, 2010

"The Happiness Myth" takes us back to our history and the myths that are no longer. Can you believe that we used to think that “chores” were the main source to our unhappiness?, or sports were bad for women? How about eating coca plants instead of drinking Red Bull?

Times have definitely changed, and this book explores the myths and facts of our history and today. It provides an in-depth look into many different idea that we thought were good for us which todays' modern science proved them not-so. It shows us the differences between what we think happiness should be today and what people expected it to be in times past.

Jennifer Michael Hecht Keeps you stimulated and interested while reading this book, kind of like the coca plants did for the Columbians working in the fields. Heckts' conclusions are quite interesting and many times practical, making it easy to get the message to care for ourselves. An easy to read, quirky guide, will make you smile and see the difference between the days of yester year and today. Some may even change your thinking as well.

The Washington Post says “Heckts' curiosity ranges widely, and the breadth of her learning is impressive….Fresh and daring analysis.” This book will keep you informed and laughing from start to end. Through its’ amazing research into the cultural history, it will certainly rethink your assumptions about happiness.