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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coach Scott Graham, returning from a Vipassana Meditation Course, challenges you to shift your relationship to thinking and discover equanimity.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A day-long business seminar, "Building Bridges to Understanding" will be held on Friday December 14 2007 at the Community College of Vermont's Upper Valley Campus in Wilder, Vermont.  The seminar, built around an online diversity assessment with 20-page individualized report, is conducted by True Azimuth, LLC in cooperation with the Business and Entrepreneur Network.

"Businesses, desirous of becoming distinguished in an increasingly diverse world, seek opportunities to educate staff, but most diversity seminars only provide general information and reccomendations," says business and personal coach Scot Graham. "We help participants understand how their viewpoints and behaviors affect others.  They get specific suggestions on how to limit the influence of stereotypes, reduce conflict, and embrace diversity as a source of organizational strength."

The investment of $91 includes all training materials, the pre-course Discovering Diversity Profile® and a continental breakfast.  Business and Entrepreneur Network members and Chamber of Commerce members receive a discount.

For more information, call Coach Scott Graham a 802-380-1026.  Register online at   True Azimuth, LLC has been providing business and personal coaching since March 2006.  They are located on the web at  The Business and Entrepreneur Network is a membership organization helping professionals to "work on -- not just in - your business."  They are located on the web at

Friday, November 9, 2007

I live in Vermont.

We do things different here.

Sunday I went to a chicken swap -- my second actually.  We had introduced Guineafowl to our flock and had too many so we decided to cut the flock in half.  So off I went -- birds in tow -- to the chicken swap a few towns over in Randolph Vermont.

I figured it would be a quick deal -- I was offering them for free.  And I was right.

As I was walking back to my car to leave, a truck pulled up next to mine and pulled out two cages with two black bunnies -- complete with wooden name plates that read, "Jasmine" and "Ruby."

"What cute bunnies," I remarked.

"They're free," the man replied.

"I'll take 'em," I shouted without a bit of hesitation.

"Free," I thought on the drive home.  "Can't beat that."

But the story doesn't end there...

I hadn't even thought about the other expenses.  Nope, not one bit.

  • This is how many people deal with their expenses.   They have a vague idea about where the money goes but no specific detail.

  • This is how many entrepreneurs deal with their income.  And their expenses.

That's why I challenge clients who are concerned about money to track every penny and build that into a statement which they can then assess to create a budget.  I have a series of coaching tools I offer to make this process easier.

The tracking doesn't end there.  You need to track money going forward.  Otherwise you are guessing.  You might as well be talking about the weather patterns on Mars (I assume you know little about this subject).  Similarly, I have financial coaching tools to make this easier.

Where are the bunnies in your finances?  And what are they doing to those seeds you planted in a retirement account?  Are they wreaking havoc in your financial garden?

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coach Scott Graham asks is the grass really greener and what can you do about it?

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