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Monday, November 15, 2010

These days, there are many health books around but certain books deserve more hype than others. “Prime-Time Health” being one of them. An easy to read, fact filled from A to Z. Dr. Sears covers many great facts that are on everyone’s mind when it comes to health.

While reading this book you will learn anything from Heart Disease, to reversing bone loss, to losing weight and staying fit. Topics are endless and easily understood. Prime-Time Health explores new and old thinking of Health today. Dr. Sears also provides an “8-week healthy-aging” program that will help you boost your health and energy. Today everyone wants to feel younger and live longer and Dr.Sears tells you just how to do that. Sears implements the “LEAN” (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition) method which this book goes by. After reading you will have a better understanding of where fat comes from, and how to get rid of it, how blood pressure and blood sugars work, and how to prevent diseases. Whether you’re 5 or 70, there’s enough information for all the age groups. Reduce your stress and sharpen your thinking with these great tips.

Work your gut and build your bones, the descriptive images and explanations let you do just that. Dr. Sears also offers the top 17 super foods you should eat, and introduces you to his treatment plans which are easy to follow. This is a Must-Have book for every clinical practice. Publishers’ Weekly states “Prime-Time Health” is "Amusing, encouraging, and easy-to-remember prescriptive mnemonics and slogans enliven a lucid, personal and professional narrative. Sears provides what similar books often lack-an honest and trusted voice plus the latest medical science in a comprehensive, accessible program that is hard to resist."

As a life Coach I know the importance of health and nutrition. With Holidays and tasty food around the corner we can all try some of Sears' tips. Try a few of the 17 super foods that the book recommends from pomegranate to yogurt or go for his 8-week Prime Time Pan, I've tried a few myself. For more information click here.