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Monday, December 31, 2007

Think of an area of your life -- time at work, time at school, time talking to your partner about love and future plans, exercise...

Did you know that if you re-claimed 5 minutes that you wasted in 1 hour -- whether it be spinning your wheels, getting organized, finding something, going through piles of papers, not list--what did you say?..


5 minutes better managed each hour means a productivity increase of 8.3% minmum.

Here's the math (its easy) 1 hour divided by 12 = 8.3

Its not BIG steps that we need to take to be more effective in our lives.  Its not BIG steps we need to take to move from good to great.

Its small -- simple -- steps.

What can you do to re-claim 5 minutes from this hour -- right now.  Make this a daily habit you ask your self each day.  You can do it!

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