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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It should be no surprise that a life coach is interested in a product like "The Lifeboard." Many of my clients consider purchasing products like this. It helps you to clarify and/or realize and/or manifest your dreams, something that life coaches are passionate about.

Since the movie "The Secret" came out, the market has been flooded with many, many products like this one. 

Let me help you to save your money. 

Don't waste it on a nice piece of cardboard and a blank (except for pithy title pages) journal all wrapped up in a fancy box. David Cassidy's career must surely be struggling if his wife put something like this together to get your money. He clearly isn't using this technique for his own life and career! I wonder how Sue feels about that?

Here's what you should do instead of purchasing this product:

Get a blank notebook ($.75). 

On the first 10 pages write down major life categories. As a life coach, I suggest the following: Health, Self-Esteem, Money, Work, play, Learning, Creativity, Helping, Love, Friends, Children, Relatives, Home, Neighborhood, and Community. 

These examples are are part of what is called Quality of Life Therapy and this model of counseling focuses on the items on that list. 

For each one find three pictures from magazines that describe your perfect vision -- what you would like. If something doesn't fit for you, the just skip it. (For example, if you have no children and never can conceive of having children, then skip this category).

After you have your three pictures write a clarifying paragraph about what you want and WHY

The WHY here is very important. To interpret Viktor Frankl, if you have a clear why then you can get through almost any challenge. Finally, write all of your headings in one column on another sheet of your notebook. 

Assign a percentage to each on how important they are in your life, RIGHT NOW, TODAY. )So you might have 15% for Self-esteem, 10% for money, etc -- all adding up to 100% for importance). 

Then imagine your life was perfectly balanced and do it again. 

Note any discrepancies -- indications that your life is out of balance. finally, get a piece of something -- cardboard, wood, old framed art from a yard sale -- anything to build and create your own unique vision. 

Create a pie chart for your life as you imagine it perfectly balanced, making sure that the slices are accurate with the percentage you decided on earlier, paste your pictures (or ANYTHING else -- including objects, words from you writings -- ANYTHING that inspires you and informs your vision). Then put it up where you see it every day.

Total cost: less than a dollar. Impact: given that is your own creation -- from scratch -- you will appreciate it more, you will value it more, you will use it more -- than some pre-terminated thing from a store. Consider, what is better -- something you made from scratch -- like bread or barbeque or a pie -- or something you bought from a store pre-made and frozen?

Let me know how it goes! Post your comments below -- or better yet, email me a picture of YOUR vision board