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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Play hard.  We hear that a lot from life / business coaches.  Unfortunately, many of us hardly play.

I wonder why that is.  Maybe because we think we can't.  Maybe because we think there is no one behind us.  Maybe because we are so paralyzed by our own drama. 

So when we se someone whose life goes against this current of self-doubt and self-centeredness, we are inspired.

I recently came across this report from CBS New about Jason McElwain, a high school basketball team manager. Take in this video and if you are inspired, as I was, take a moment and tell me why you think that is -- personally -- what values of yours does it bring to the forefront as you watch this news clip?  (I'll post the first comment so you can see what I mean).


Coach Scott Graham said...

The value that this video brings to the forefront for me is SUPPORT.

We often feel alone in our lives and our struggles -- like there is no one who has our back. But in reality there are many people who have our back and are supporting us. We just don't know it. We only need to give them a chance.